SANCTUARY: Dance / Yoga / Community — POSTPONED


Friday, 7:00 – 9:30 PM, December 11, 2020
St. James Community Square: 3214 West 10th Ave, Vancouver

NOTE: Due to recent BC Public Health Restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this event has been postponed until further notice.

Bettina will be providing updates on all in-person events in her weekly newsletter, please stay tuned. Ticket sales for the December event will remain open but will be subject to cancellation. 

December 11
Featuring Yoga teacher Melanie Madhuri Philips

No drop-ins, pre-ticket purchase only
(limited to 30 dancers)

Note: All dancers must sign the COVID-19 waiver emailed to you with your ticket.

These in-person classes are offered with current COVID-19 health and safety guidelines in mind. The venue will be professionally cleaned before the start of each class.

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Often we seek sanctuary in the outside world...We invite you to seek sanctuary inside yourself: in your cathedral of skin and bones, in your body-temple.

Coming into our bodies can sometimes bring challenges: maybe we cannot find our way in, maybe certain parts of our temple are closed due to construction or fallen rubble, or certain areas might feel foreign and uninhabited.

Through yoga and the 5Rhythms® movement practice we will open the gates to our bodies and find our way into inhabiting this house of spirit.

Please join us in co-creating this sanctuary, a nourishing haven, a spa for body, mind and heart right here in the city in the midst of our busy lives. We are offering a safe and sacred space where you can come home to yourself, find rest, nourishment and replenish in community.

Every body is welcome!

Each event will feature a different local yoga teacher and may include live music, artistic expression, or culinary treats. The dance journey will be lightly facilitated and DJed by Bettina Rothe.


November 13
Featuring Yoga teacher Ayse Camci

Ayse Camci brings her passion for yoga into her classes through accessible alignment-focused postures linked with intentional sequencing. She encourages her students to find freedom in motion. She believes that the more you open your heart, the more fearlessly you live your life. The more you live fearlessly, the more you have an impact on people around you and you can uplift your community.

Ayse began her 200 Hour training with Chris Chavez in her home country of Turkey in 2014 and completed 300 Hour Advanced training with Semperviva Yoga College, focusing on Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. She has been teaching since 2015 plus assisting for the Semperviva Yoga Teacher Training.

Her aliveness, depth and focus creates an environment for joyful self-discovery on the yoga mat. She offers classes in person and through her online platform.


December 11
Featuring Yoga teacher Melanie Madhuri Philips

Melanie Phillips (Madhuri) stumbled and fell before finding the strength to rise back up again. Having walked through chronic illness and extraordinary loss, Melanie embraces Ayurveda, yoga and intuitive medicine as a primary means of how we can all re-emerge from darkness. As a 20 year full time yoga teacher and member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association - Melanie created The Madhuri Method, a method that effectively treats symptoms and diseases of the mind, body, and emotions leading to a truer relationship to joy, acceptance and personal empowerment.

She’s the Bestselling author of “Living After Loss: A Soulful Guide to Freedom” and the co-author of, “Your Irresistible Life: 4 Seasons of Self-Care through Ayurveda & Yoga Practices that Work.”

Melanie offers 1:1 work to clients online, Ayurvedic Yoga training, retreats as well as an online Inner Empowerment Mentorship program. All of her offerings are rooted in guiding her clients back to remembering their wholeness, love, and worth.


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Event Details

Day 1: December 11, 2020

Start time: 19:00 PST

End time: 21:30 PST

Venue: St James Community Hall, 3214 West 10th Ave, Vancouver

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