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The Work

“Embody the change you want to see in the world”

Embodiment Coaching invites you to be at home in your body. Embodiment can be difficult as it involves being right here, right now, and feeling the emotional and physical sensations of the present. Conscious movement, breath practices, awareness and gentle re-patterning of the body offer a way to healing and transformation of old or stuck ways of being. Parts of ourselves that have been unconscious or lain dormant can be brought to the surface and liberated so that we can live and lead with our whole selves. 

Bettina’s approach is one of embodied spirituality, honouring the body and all that is seated in it, including instincts, sensations, intuition, feelings and sexuality. Bettina holds a safe and permissive space that allows for personal healing, professional development and self-discovery. Her sessions draw from techniques in psychology, somatic coaching, leadership and various healing movement arts.

In her sessions,  Bettina provides practical tools and practices to help align and integrate change for a non-reactive and conscious way of leading life, one that is embodied and heart-centred. Her coaching and mentorship are helpful for 
navigating major life transitions, to learning specific leadership skills, preparing for a big presentation, or wanting to implement embodiment as a way of being, to bring out deeper potential and greater fulfilment in life.

Bettina has coached CEOs, TED talk presenters, social activists and entrepreneurs. 

Sessions are available on Zoom, Skype or in person and can be customized based on your or your team’s needs.
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I’m here to bring the fierce feminine back into leadership.

My work is to stand for the rising feminine — for embodiment, collaboration, trust, deep listening, intuition, emotional intelligence, inclusiveness and an honouring of the cycles of life.

Bettina rothe 

Bettina Rothe coaching a group of executives

The Practice of Standing Strong

A few years ago, social psychologist Amy Cuddy discovered how nonverbal expressions of power (for example expansive, open, space-occupying posture like you are in) affect people’s feelings, behaviours, and hormone levels.

Adopting a powerful body posture (“a power pose”) for as little as two minutes can change the biochemistry of the body: we see an increase in testosterone (confidence chemical), decrease cortisol (stress hormone), increase appetite for risk, and cause better performance in high-pressure situations like job interviews. The idea is that if you hold yourself powerfully, you will begin to act more powerfully.

Try My Free Standing Strong Audio Practice

Enjoy this free audio practice for those times when you need to muster a little more strength on the go. This short audio-practice will help you to tap into your power before that big presentation, courageous conversation, job interview, or simply help you get out of that Monday morning slump.

Bettina Rothe on the beach.


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What They Say

“Bettina’s private coaching has helped me unlock my inner power and awaken deeper trust in my abilities. Professionally this is invaluable. Bettina’s expertise in tapping the wisdom of the body is unlike any other personal growth or professional development program out there that engages only from the head up.”
— Lindsey Hindle, Private Client

With Bettina’s guidance, I have learned that my emotions, fears and trauma are stored in my body as well as my mind. Accessing and processing these feelings through my body with daily practices has created a real change in my physical and mental well-being.”
— Bob, Private Client

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