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About Bettina

“I am a curious cat. I have deep compassion for our human experience and the challenges we face in this time of accelerated change. I lead with clarity, lightness and humour. Dancing the balance of mystery and mastery in life is my fascination.”

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Born and raised in West Berlin, Bettina grew up in the shadows of the Berlin Wall. From a young age, she was drawn to healing and reconciliation work, meditation and consciousness-expanding practices. After completing her degree in Psychology at the Technical University in Berlin, she studied intensively with pioneers of somatic and transpersonal psychology in Europe, the U.S. and Canada. She was trained by Gabrielle Roth, creator of the 5Rhythms® conscious dance practice as well as Wendy Palmer, founder of Leadership Embodiment.

Bettina’s passion has always been to heal the wounds of fragmentation and disconnection within oneself, in relations to others, the ecosystem and Spirit. She believes in the conscious stewardship of life, in leadership that is deeply rooted in alignment of body, heart, mind and our soul’s path.

Being passionate about sustainability and conscious living, Bettina serves as a director of Abundance Community Farm in Agassiz, BC, a community project that was born out of a shared vision to have land for growing food, creating intentional gatherings and sharing land based teachings. She is a devoted mother of two teenage girls and lives in Vancouver, BC.

Her Work

“My invitation is to use the body as a resource and a gateway to increase our power and ability to impact through our physical presence. My approach to coaching is one of embodied spirituality that honours the body and all that is seated in it including instincts, sensations, feelings and sexuality.”

As a community builder and ecstatic dance DJ, Bettina co-creates sacred spaces that allow for heart-centred intimacy, healing and playful connection. Her body of work “Circles of Inclusion” was born out of her desire to contribute to the humanitarian crisis we are facing in an attempt to break down the walls of separation within ourselves, with each other and remembering our place in the web of life. 

She offers a variety of programs world wide ranging from personal coaching or mentoring to community events, retreats and corporate trainings, both in person and online. She is an international presenter, public speaker and has supported clients ranging from CEOs to TED talk presenters, social change makers and entrepreneurs. In the past she contributed to THNK Creative School of Leadership as faculty for Embodied Leadership and Tekara Organizational Inc. training clients in holistic and effective ways of impacting. 

In 2019 Bettina co-founded SKYPILOTS, a transformational leadership training for emerging leaders where she contributes as a lead trainer and coach. She regularly teaches retreats at Hollyhock, a learning and leadership centre located on Cortes Island, BC and the Haven, a centre for transformative learning on Gabriola Island, BC. Bettina has presented at a variety of conferences and events including “TedxSFU” and “The Embodiment Conference”.

5Rhythms® Dance with Bettina Rothe

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