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A Path into Wholeness of

Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit

My work is about bringing people together with the intention to heal the strands of disconnection within oneself, with others, and with our environment.  Every circle I create, whether in one-on-one coaching, community classes or group retreats, is an opportunity to move forward in our spiral of evolution.


The practices I offer facilitate a return to a sense of belonging and connection — to our bodies, to ourselves, to each other, and to the ecosystem. Community gatherings create opportunities to connect in heart-centred and embodied ways, supporting us to build resiliency and interconnectedness to better meet the challenges we face in these times.


 mentorship & trainings

Embodied Leadership Coaching

What patterns do you need to shift to live a more balanced, resilient and impactful life? How can your body be a resource and support in your emergent leadership?
How do you increase your presence and circle of influence?
To feel embodied means being at home in your body which can be difficult as it involves being right here, right now, and feeling the emotional and physical sensations present. Conscious movement, breath practices, awareness and gentle re-patterning of the body are tools for transformation or healing and access points to create change within.
Bettina Rothe coaches a group of people
Bettina Rothe doing conscious movement

5rhythms® community classes

Conscious Movement


 The 5Rhythms® are a conscious movement and embodiment practice which brings communities together into the shared language of rhythm.

This moving meditation is a fun spiritual practice designed to release the dancer that lives in every body, regardless of age, experience or condition. It has the power to catalyze deep healing and can weave us back into connection with ourselves, each other and the world at large. The 5Rhythms® are a form of ecstatic dance that helps to free our bodies, open our hearts and empty our minds.

immersions, retreats & trainings

Deep Dive Immersions

Transformational programs that offer specific themes designed to deepen your relationship with yourself, your relations and the ecosystem.
Every retreat is designed to help you shift deeply-set habits and take a leap towards evolving into the person you are ready to be. Often held in select retreat centres, the land and meals offered support healing and an immersive experience with nature. Shorter programs are also offered in urban locations or online to connect the global community and integrate transformational tools into day to day life. 
People lying in a circle holding hands in connection

The world is at a turning point; we need to make the shift from ME to WE, to take responsibility for our actions, and to awaken.

Bettina rothe 


Bettina Rothe

“My gift is to wake people up to the innate wisdom of their bodies, to help them drop below the level of thought and access their beings in motion.

Bettina Rothe is an embodied leadership coach, conscious movement facilitator and community builder. Her gift is to ignite one’s connection to the intelligence of the body. Bettina supports clients in the development of an authentic leadership presence that is powerful, compassionate and self-aware. She draws from a variety of healing movement arts, psychology, meditation, and shamanic practices.


Kind Words From Clients

“Bettina’s private coaching has helped me unlock my inner power and awaken deeper trust in my abilities. Professionally this is invaluable. Bettina’s expertise in tapping the wisdom of the body is unlike any other personal growth or professional development program out there that engages only from the head up.”
— Lindsey Hindle, Private Client

“Tonight was one of the best dance experiences I’ve ever had. I experienced intimacy, depth and fun in coming home to my body, connecting with others and surrendering to the incredible music. Thank you Bettina for holding a sacred space where I can let go, be authentic and free.”
— Vince Gowmon, Class Participant

“I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to work closely with Bettina who supported my journey with deep care, listening, and loving-guidance. I returned from my retreat feeling refreshed, open-hearted, and empowered! This was a trip of a lifetime – one that continues to echo in my body and heart!”
— Sarah McQueston, Retreat Participant 

“If you are getting ready for a presentation, I HIGHLY recommend working with Bettina! She supported me with my TEDx talk and it went phenomenally well! I felt confident and in my power on stage and engaged my audience better than I would ever have been able to had it not been for applying her suggestions.”

– Jody Stanislaw, N.C, C.D.E. Naturopathic Doctor

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