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The very word evokes a depth and potency of character, a gravitas, a charisma based on inner substantiality, a simple and quiet dignity.

True living absolutely requires presence: more presence equals more life – and more enjoyment of life! Without presence, life passes us by: we neither participate in nor fully experience our life. Presence means being at home in ourselves, being here, not only in contact with our sensory experience, but fully aware of the task at hand and who we are with. Presence means inhabiting our body, heart, and mind, inhabiting our space, inhabiting our actions and inhabiting our life…

Consciousness, the distinctive quality of presence, is a timeless energy of wholeness and peace. In the 5Rhythms we practice sensitive awareness in our whole body, in our emotions, and in our mind. I often track my awareness with the simple statement: “I think x, I feel x, I sense x.”

Spiritual teacher and icon Eckhard Tolle describes being present as:
“When you are present in the moment, you can break the continuity of your story, of the past and the future. Then true intelligence arises, and also love. We are here to find that dimension within ourselves that is deeper than thought.”

May we journey deeper into presence with each other one breath at a time and tap into true intelligence and love.