Teaching is just another dance

bettina Dance, Movement, Meditation, Life in Transition

I often get asked what it is like to teach the 5Rhythms and how I prepare.

Preparing to teach a class or a workshop happens on many levels for me. I create a clear intention on what the event is about, a theme so to speak. I often journal, meditate, dance, gather poetry or images and observe my own process in regards to the topic. Gabrielle Roth created maps or medicine wheels for different aspects of ourselves. I intuit which map fits the best and often take myself through the 5Rhythms in body, heart and mind to get more clarity.

Before I even gather with the community I am offering my work to, I often get intuitive hits about what they might need and what movement medicine I can add to the field. This can show up in dreams, in meditation and in dialogue with my producers and team.

I never know what it really is I will offer until everyone arrives and we begin to dance together. I don’t prepare music sets for my workshops or specific exercises. Rather I let myself be guided in the moment. This involves a lot of trust in the creative process! Often this aspect of my work can feel vulnerable. I sometimes feel like I am surfing in the unknown, sometimes the path reveals itself very clearly.

Mastery and mystery are two polarities that describe best what is on my mind when I step out as a teacher. I hope to inspire and hold a room full of hungry dancers well using all the skills that have been passed down to me. I also pray to be guided and plugged in, so that the teachings can flow through me.

Gabrielle Roth trained us to be teachings of the work, clearly embodying the practice, so that even our presence and dance alone can be enough. To me teaching is just another dance…

“There is a dance only you can do, that exists only in you, here and now, always changing, always true. Are you willing to listen with fascination?”
— Gabrielle Roth