Sweet Summer Wave

bettina Dance, Movement, Meditation, Life in Transition

Finally I found my summer groove! The alarm clock is turned off and the sweet smile of the rising sun wakes me today. In my slow morning flow I move into the kitchen with my children in tow. It is the PERFECT day for the beach. We imagine where we might go and what we might find. Should we read the tidal chart? Bring a lunch? Okay!

Chopping vegetables and fruit, percussive, repetitive, sandwiches made, bags packed. Bathing suits on, sunscreen – CHECK. And into the car we go!

Where is my sun hat? Did you pack my shovel? Can we bring a friend? Please, go get my snuggly cat. Oh no, where did I put the car keys?

And – here we are at the beach, the sky stretches endlessly in front of us. Tidal pools, cartwheeling in and around, little crabs walking on my tows, sea gulls soaring high, mud and water splashing.

Shhhhhhh…. a family of deer, right there. Move slow. Can we get closer? Pause!

Belly in the sand I am resting, drinking in the warm medicine from mother earth. Blissful.