So you think this is about dancing?

bettina Dance, Movement, Meditation, Life in Transition

A week ago I ruptured my achilles tendon. I had surgery and am home now with a cast in bed – horizontal, leg elevated.

A fellow 5Rhythms teacher from New York sent me a sweet email reminding me to keep up my practice, to keep moving. How might you ask would one dance in the bed, cast and all?

I remember a few years ago listening to Gabrielle Roth speak in front of a group of students about the 5Rhythms. She had a fiery way of engaging. Someone asked her where she would position the 5Rhythms compared to other dance practices. She turned around, laughed and replied: “Do you really think this practice is about dancing?

If the 5Rhythms were simply about dancing, I would be pretty sad right now, since I probably won’t dance fully again until the summer when my leg is healed. No, this practice is about tuning in, being with, moving what can move (inside and out) and being present with one self. It is truly a meditation, an exploration of our human nature from moment to moment.

Today my spine wants to move, my hands, my shoulders. I follow my breath deep inside my body and send some loving down my injured leg. How kind and attentive can I be? How much can I rest in the Now? Can I allow the pain to be there, the physical and the emotional? What wants to be expressed? 

In the 5Rhythms we show up as we are. As Mary Oliver says so beautifully: “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” And begin.