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In their own words

“THNK’s approach to whole leadership has been immensely enriched by Bettina’s warm and intuitive presence. Bettina has skillfully empowered our audience of accomplished and high-level professionals to be more present, mindful, and open with themselves and others, paving the way for an authentic, human-centred, and holistic approach to both leadership and impact.”
– Sarah Dickinson
Executive Director of THNK-School of Creative Leadership

“Bettina’s 5Rhythms classes are the perfect mix of everything I’m looking for: exercise, inner reflection, body awareness, amazing music, vibrant open people, spiritual journeying, and fun, all mixed into one evening!”

– Jason Mogus
Founder of Communicopia & Web of Change

“The weekly space, group and groove is a soulful rhythmic oasis – where one can dip into self and come out refreshed! Long live weekly classes with Bettina – she creates the vibe where one can thrive!” 

– Jill Sharpe

“Bettina creates an authentic and sacred space where I can experience intimacy, depth and joy in coming home to my body.”

– Vince Gowmon
Founder of Remembering to Play Training & Events
“Bettina provides practical solutions for corporate leaders to support their emotional and social intelligence through physical, or somatic practices. Her programs are essential for leaders in the 21st century!”
– Tana Heminsley
Founder and CEO of Authentic Leadership Global

“Bettina holds space like a true leader. Her guidance is clear, constructive and inviting, without being intrusive to one’s individual process. I felt held and guided by her gentle yet strong heart.”

– Sarah Marshank
Massage Therapist

“Bettina’s work is simple, brilliant and effective. I was reminded that the body has no judgement – just the expression of what is. I am grateful for the new tools and a deepened understanding of myself. Thank you Bettina!”

– Sharon Abondanza
Founder of Inspiring Yoga

“Bettina enabled me to harness the innate wisdom of my body in ways that are easily and directly applicable to my day-to-day work as a facilitator, host, leader and friend. The embodied leadership practice lets the wisdom of the body speak in such an unencumbered way and gives easily graspable tools to integrate the ‘teachings’ of the body into day-to-day life. Truly magical! Not only has my awareness of personal patterns and triggers increased, but my ability to connect and work harmoniously with others in a co-creative, emergent and respectful way has heightened immensely.”

– Uschi Steedman
Leadership Facilitator
“Working with Bettina is an invaluable opportunity to flower in new directions and perspectives in one’s life. A moving experience for anyone who desires to live and experience growth and integration in communication, love, artistry, and movement.”
– Gordon Rudolph
University Professor

“Bettina’s private coaching has helped me unlock my inner power and awaken deeper trust in my abilities. Professionally this is invaluable. Bettina’s expertise in tapping the wisdom of the body is unlike any other personal growth or professional development program out there that engages only from the head up.”

– Lindsay Hindle
Communication Specialist at Articulate Communications Ltd.

“Bettina offered me simple but extremely effective practices that I could use to centre myself and feel grounded. My transformation was incredible. I was able to see what was holding me back in work and life. I now feel empowered and confident, and, as a result, am able to put my best foot forward. I strongly recommend working with Bettina if you want to move forward with a professional or personal challenge.”

– Johanna Stein

In the press

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