Is someBODY home?

bettina Dance, Movement, Meditation, Life in Transition

Do we actually live in and through our bodies? Do we inhabit our bodies fully? Or are we just an empty vessel with a talking head?

Through the 5Rhythms practice we learn to cultivate inner body awareness and pay attention to physical sensations. We learn to bring our attention back home into the body. This state of dropped attention connects us to our somatic intelligence and instinctive nature. When we cultivate inner body awareness we learn to pay attention to somatic and sensory information. Then we can deepen our connection to the present moment and our environment. When we are rooted within ourselves, we can begin to include our direct environment into our practice, realizing that we are not separate from it, but deeply and intimately connected to.

When we pay attention to our bodies, our physical selves, the question arises of how I treat my own body? Do I medicate or sedate it? Stimulate it into functioning? Do I nourish my body? Do I only pay attention when I get sick, hungry, horny or am completely exhausted? Do I relate to my body in a way that focues primarily on physical attributes like weight, wrinkles in the face or frizzy hair? Do I pay attention to how my busy schedule can stress my body? How I push my body in my workouts at the Gym?

In the 5Rhythms practice we  honour the messages of our bodies.  A core principle is that the body does not lie.

Can you bring your attention back to yourself, drop into yourself like a well? Can you listen to what your body is telling you right now?


Body Wisdom by Rana Waxman