Embodied Leadership Coaching for Individuals and Organizations

Somatic Foundations for Living and Leading with Power, Presence and Clarity

There is a calling today in the world for leaders with new competencies, leadership that includes emotional and somatic intelligence, that reaches others through personal presence and authenticity. Somatic intelligence gives us a doorway into a resource that has been largely untapped – the intelligence of the body! Our relationship to our own body determines how we make our way in the world. Our physical sensations and body movements are the foundation of our sense of who we are.

Bettina offers customized Embodiment Leadership Coaching programs to a wide range of clients, from individuals to corporate organizations, to support them in developing new skills/strategies for the challenges they face and broadening their leadership potential. Leadership can be divided into two categories: leadership as a role and leadership as a way of being. Leading through the body programs address both categories. Here the embodied self is the primary source of power for a leader, and it can be trained through practices.

Bettina is certified to offer both Level 1 & Level 2 of the Leadership Embodiment approach founded by Wendy Palmer.

“Her programs are essential for leaders in the 21st century!”

What skills can be learned by individuals?

  • Developing and embodying a strong and compelling leadership presence even under pressure and stress.
  • Understanding the power of non-verbal communication, and how to harness it both to read a situation and to consistently communicate a powerful message.
  • Deepening self-awareness and learning how to access powerful and underutilized sources of somatic intelligence.

How can Embodiment Coaching help organizations?

  • Leadership Presence development
  • Assertiveness, authenticity and leading with clarity
  • Stress reduction and burnout prevention
  • Effective communication in challenging situations (e.g. difficult conversations, presentations, feedback)
  • Team-building and team communication improvement
  • Conflict resolution

Please contact Bettina to set-up a free 15-minute consultation and determine if Embodiment Leadership Coaching is right for you and/or your organization.

“Bettina’s private coaching has helped me unlock my inner power and awaken deeper trust in my abilities. Professionally this is invaluable. Bettina’s expertise in tapping the wisdom of the body is unlike any other personal growth or professional development program out there that engages only from the head up.”

Why embodiment practices?

Embodiment is a maturing field that has much to offer to improve leadership, communication, and innovation. For decades it has been applied successfully in many businesses and organizations. It starts with mindfulness of the body-mind system and could also be seen as mindfulness in action. Embodied Leadership includes the physical body as a domain of learning, change, and transformation and acknowledges that this body always has the upper hand in stressful situations (fight/flight/freeze responses).

The importance of the application of embodiment practices is supported by the recent increase in findings from neuroscience and psychology. The way we sit and stand changes the way we think, feel, and speak. It is undeniable that body/soma and mind/psyche are intricately linked. A significant contribution neuroscience has made to somatic work is the discovery that our intelligence lies not just in the brain, but rather in the body as a whole.

Intellectual approaches to learning address only about one third of our brains, and virtually ignore the whole-body intelligence that lies in our heart, gut, and the rest of our body. A highly developed somatic intelligence supports full access to one’s social guidance system, a neural system that gauges trustworthiness in others, creates a sense of resonance between people working together, and taps into the best response in the moment. It enables access to “gut feelings” and intuition which successful leaders often keep under wraps, yet reportedly rely on with great frequency.

New research has shown that how we organize ourselves physically can change our state of mind, impact hormone levels, and affect behaviour. Over time, with enough repetitions in a variety of situations, embodiment practices can build new somatic responses: a more resourceful set of actions that become the new familiar, comfortable, and more choiceful way to respond under pressure or in difficult situations.

When leaders use Embodied Leadership principles they accelerate their potential to align conceptual, emotional and physical aspects of leadership excellence. The practice is one of recognizing, accepting, and adapting our physiological state to restore and even increase our confidence, clarity and connection to ourselves and the environment. Powerful leaders embody a centered presence.

“I believe that balanced, centered and embodied leadership skills give us the ability to lead ourselves and others out of the dark morass of fear, our sense of scarcity, our deep seated desire for security, and our need to fix things and into our full potential.”Wendy Palmer