Dancing across Borders

bettina Dance, Movement, Meditation, Life in Transition

I have been in love with the practice of the 5Rhythms for 17 years. I have danced with a lot of different 5Rhythms teachers in a variety of cities and countries. I have been invited and have taught in many communities. One thing that drew me into this work is the underlying philosophy that we are all connected through the movement practice, that we have a language, a body based vocabulary that can exist across borders, beyond political or religious beliefs. There is a familiarity, a coming home every time we step on the dance floor together. It doesn’t matter if the space we share is in New York City, Dubai or Amsterdam – once we put our feet in motion and invite the beat into our bodies and hearts, we get to connect through our primal human nature. Of course we are all unique and our focus can be on the many things that divide us or make us different. But how about shifting our attention to the similarities, the sameness, to the shared human journey?

The 5Rhythms practice teaches us to BE together in body, heart and mind, to be part of the web of life in all its facets and beauty. May we dance together as one human race, one beating heart, moved by the spirit that connects us all.

         Earth Dance by Gabriel Young