About Bettina

My gift is to wake people up to the innate wisdom of their bodies, to help them drop below the level of thought, to access their beings in motion. I bring people together into an authentic and safe environment to discover the joy and intelligence of the non-verbal, the intuitive and the power of being fully embodied. I facilitate the learning of tools to help people discover their full capacity to live and lead with greater clarity, presence and impact. Bringing attention to body posture, movement, breath, sensations, impulses and instincts honours the intelligence of the body.

My practice bridges multiple disciplines with a strong focus on movement, mindfulness and embodied leadership principles. I am particularly interested in the field of somatic intelligence where mind, emotions and intuition unite in the body. My invitation is to use the body as a resource and a gateway to increase our power and ability to impact through our physical presence. This brings awareness and insight into what’s within, while also tracking the environment, the task at hand and things bigger than each person. The way we hold ourselves in our bodies influences the way we think, feel and act in the world. My approach to coaching is one of embodied spirituality that honours the body and all that is seated in it including instincts, sensations, feelings and sexuality.

My passion is to support you in the development of being an authentic, embodied presence.

I am a body advocate, a seeker, an edge walker, and a devoted mother of two girls. I am a curious cat. I have deep compassion for our human experience and the challenges we face in this time of accelerated change. I lead with clarity, lightness and humour. Dancing the balance of mystery and mastery in life is my fascination. I am a beat junkie and occasionally offer soundscapes as DJ DIVA-B.

Professional Journey
Educated in Psychology, ​trained in a variety of body-based healing modalities and coaching and mentored by pioneers in somatic practices, Bettina balances an evidenced based foundation with a practical application that meets the needs of her clients. Bettina holds a degree in Psychology (Dipl.-Psych) from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. For several years she worked as a Clinical Research Assistant with a special interest in Neurophysiology and Developmental Psychology.

In her mid-twenties Bettina began to study various healing movement arts, bodywork, meditation and shamanic practices. She was trained by Gabrielle Roth, creator of the 5Rhythms® conscious dance practice, over many years of intensive studies. Bettina has been facilitating classes and workshops internationally as a licensed 5Rhythms® teacher since 1999 including retreats at Hollyhock, a learning and leadership centre located on Cortes Island, BC.

Bettina has been involved in Leadership Development since 2008 and been particularly interested in developing ways to lead effectively with body, mind and heart. She trained with Wendy Palmer as a Leadership Embodiment Coach and is an Associate of Leadership Embodiment International. Bettina designs programs for organizations and community groups on how to use the body as a resource for greater leadership. Her emphasis is on supporting clients in the development of an authentic leadership presence that is powerful, compassionate and self-aware. More recently, Bettina joined THNK Creative School of Leadership as faculty for their Vancouver based training programs as well as Tekara Organizational Effectiveness Inc., a leadership and organizational effectiveness consulting firm adopting a holistic approach to shift the impact of business.

Bettina’s clients describe her as a somatic leadership coach, charismatic workshop facilitator, authentic public speaker and successful entrepreneur! Her client list includes Hootsuite, SONY Playstation, Y Yoga and Coastal Health.